The Priorities for the School

The school priorities are set each year by the Headteacher, working with staff and with the Governing Body. For the 2019/20 academic year, from September 2019, we will be developing the following areas:

Quality of Education

  • implementing a contextually relevant, integrated curriculum
  • enhancing the learning environment
  • increasing the proportion of outstanding teaching and learning
  • improving outcomes in maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • closing the gap for disadvantaged children and those with Special Educational Needs
  • helping boys to achieve as well as girls

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • improving attendance especially of persistent absentees
  • developing children’s resilience
  • developing children’s spiritual, moral and social understanding

Personal Development

  • improving children’s mental and physical health
  • developing children’s understanding of British values linked to global themes

Leadership and Management

  • developing governance to improve their impact and plan for succession
  • developing leaders at all levels
  • improving staff pedagogical and subject knowledge
  • enhancing staff wellbeing
  • developing collaboration with other schools