School Visits and Trips

The school runs a strong programme of trips and visitors which is part-funded through parents’ voluntary contributions (50%) supplemented by the school budget (30% Pupil Premium funding and main budget) and the PTA (20%).

Here is our programme of school trips and special visitors to the school for the autumn and spring terms. We hope these will enhance your child’s learning and enjoyment. They are planned to be an integral part of the curriculum your child will study.

  • Early Years – Hop Farm Pantomime
  • Yr 1 and 2 – Marden Orchards Pantomime
  • Yr 3 and 4 – ‘Portal to the past’ – Victorian workshop
  • Yr 5 and 6 – Churchill War Rooms

We are also looking at taking all of Key Stage 2 to a classical concert in Cranbrook. Details to follow.

In order to provide these opportunities, the cost of the activities needs to be covered through voluntary contributions from parents. We are asking for a voluntary contribution of a minimum of: £10* each term

Every effort has been made to keep the cost of the activities down and the actual cost will be significantly more than this, but the school values these activities so much we will be providing additional funding and will be approaching the PTA to do the same, as we know from feedback that parents value them too.

If funding received from parents does not cover the cost of the trips and activities for the term then the activities will not be able to take place and any contributions will be refunded. Prior to this I will write again to the parents in that pair of year groups to advise that this is at risk of happening (As agreed in the survey in the summer term 2013).

I trust you agree that this represents very good value for money with one activity or trip at many schools costing £10-15, and that you will be able to support the school in this venture to enrich the experiences of all the children at the school.

*Parents with children for whom the school is in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding are asked to make a minimum donation of £5 with the remainder met through the Pupil Premium funding