School Council

The Marden Primary School Council is made up of two children from each class from Year 2 onwards, voted for by their classmates. We meet on average every month to put ideas forward from our classes. Each class has a Class Council meeting to collect the views of pupils which we then take to the main meeting.

Some of the ideas we have worked on in the past have been: choosing each year which charities to support and how to raise money (one local, one national and one global charity); being involved in how to refurbish our wooden play trail; ideas for rewarding good behaviour and work and ideas on how to make break times fun.

School Council Meetings  2019-20

  • 17.9.19 – Introduction to the School Council: expected behaviour of reps; how meetings are run; taking minutes etc. Advice from last year’s School Council shared.
  • 15.10.19 –  We chose the charities to be supported this year: RSPCA at Leybourne (Local), Make a Wish Foundation (National) and UNICEF (World)
  • 19.11.19 – The School Council have chosen the charities for the year and how they will be raising money. National charity: Make A Wish Foundation (Money will be collected at the end of the EYFS & KS1 Christmas Productions and the KS2 Christmas Concerts). Local charity: RSPCA at Leybourne (Each class will be running their own stall and we will be having a competition between the classes to see who can raise the most money) and World charity: UNICEF (Tuesday 30th June 2020 – We are planning on holding a sponsored Treasure Hunt event.)
  • 14.1.20 – We celebrated that we raise £420.05 for the Make a Wish Foundation Charity, from our collections at the end of the EYFS and KS1 Christmas Play and the KS2 Christmas Concert. We shared our best ideas from each class for what we wanted to be included in our class book corners and also ideas on how to promote a love of reading. These have been discussed with our class teachers and will also be shared with Mr Clark-Keen, who leads the reading curriculum across the whole school. We also started to talk about our next task. We will be working on writing letters to parents and also to a Maidstone Councillor, to share our views on how to improve the traffic issues outside of the school.
  • 11.2.20 – We used this meeting to share our class council ideas about what we can do to try to improve the dangerous traffic outside of school and through the village. Each class has also written letters to their parents, which will be Parentmailed out, and to Eric Hotson, a local councillor.
  • 10.3.20 – We discussed ideas from our classes about what could be included in a letter to our link school in Malawi. The letter will introduce our link school to what Marden Primary School is like.
  • 28.4.20 – School closed.
  • 19.5.20 – School closed.
  • 16.6.20 – School closed.
  • 14.7.20 – School closed.