COVID-19 Catch-Up Premium Strategy 2020/21

At the end of the last academic year the Government announced a ‘COVID Catch-Up’ fund to help those pupils adversely affected by Academy closures and the impact of COVID-19. When planning for this spend we took a number of factors into consideration; ensuring children can catch up or mitigate against any lost learning time and ensuring pupils reach at least Age Related Expectations and achieve Academy targets. We have reviewed the Education Endowment Foundation – COVID-19 Support Guide for Schools to allocate the catch-up premium effectively. The proposed COVID catch-up budget has been analysed and signed off by the Academy’s Governing body. The impact will be monitored and reviewed throughout the year by the Governing Body and Academies Director.

Total COVID-19 Catch-Up Premium allocated: £ 21,923


Year Group / Cohort


Intervention / Cost

Intended Outcomes

RAG Rating March 2021

RAG Rating July 2021

Enhanced delivery of the blended learning strategy

Year 6 for September and then Year 5 and Year 4


Chromebook Scheme
Approx. £11,197

Embedding the Blended Learning Strategy across the Academy to include:

  • Access to remote education if required
  • Blended learning approaches across the curriculum allowing children to access learning at their own pace, with accessibility features to support their learning
  • To develop efficient IT skills and working practices to enhance all areas of learning.

In place and in use by Y6

Focussed teaching by all year group to ensure KPIs are prioritised.

All year groups.


Teaching and learning focus for all staff.

Total: £500 (Additional Release time to organise CPD)

Quality First Teaching and targeted curriculum planning: Children to be taught the KPIs in the first instance to ensure any gaps due to school closure are closed quickly and effectively to ensure they are then able to reach Age Related Expectations by the end of the year.

Collaborative Planning in place and targeted KPIs have been taught since November.

Targeted support through group tuition.

Year 4 – Year 6 Groups including PPG/FSM Maths


Group Tuition

Total: £4,800 (Maths)

Small Group Tuition: To focus on the key Number skills for each year group.
Intervention Programmes: Structured interventions either 1:1 or small group will be planned and delivered when necessary.
Tuition starting Wb 8.3.21

Maths starting in Term 4.


EYFS and Key Stage 1



Books: £2500

Resources to support the effective teaching of phonics in order to support and improve the development of Early Reading Strategies in Key Stage 1.

Phonics books purchased and being used by EYFS/Y1

Currently Remaining

Total: £2926

Unallocated at this time to be further allocated after school returns on 8.3.21