The following measures are in place to promote good attendance:

  • Pupils achieving 100% attendance in a term receive a special 100% attendance badge on the last day in assembly
  • The Principal meets personally with any parent requesting leave of absence during term time. You need to complete a form available from the office (or via the link below) and the office staff will make an appointment. Absence will only be authorised if it meets the Kent County Council criteria of being “exceptional and unavoidable” – we will discuss whether the request meets this at the meeting. Holidays during term time cannot be authorised. Where absence is not authorized Kent Local Authority has a policy of issuing penalty notices
  • When your child’s attendance falls below 90% in any term the Headteacher will write to you. If it is below 85% it is important that we have a brief meeting to discuss any issues and look at ways of supporting improvements in attendance. These letters will go out at the start of each term. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss anything that might be an issue or that the school could do to help
  • The Education Welfare Officer follows up any cases where there are concerns.


Attendance No of pupils with 100% attendance
Autumn 2014 95.80% 86
Spring 2015 95.40% 79
Summer 2015 96.00% 106
Autumn 2015 95.30% 51
Spring 2016 95.20% 84
Summer 2016 95.50% 93 (16 All Year) Academic Year 95.3%
Autumn 2016 94.80% 52 Drop due to chicken pox outbreak
Spring 2017 94.95% 63 Impact of chicken pox outbreak continues to impact attendance during term 3
Summer 2017 95.50% 70 Academic Year 94.78

*Over a half term



Punctuality is an important life skill for the children to learn early on. Each day either the Principal or another Senior Leader will be at the front door from 8.45 am. It is important if your child is late that you bring them in to the school office and sign them in the late book with a reason.

You will receive a letter from the Principal or the Educational Welfare Officer if your child is repeatedly late, outlining how much time has been lost in this way. There will be regular ‘late’ gates with the Educational Welfare Officer. If your child is late on one or more of these days you will be contacted directly.

“I know that working together we can ensure that all children who are fit for school are in on time and ready to learn every day and I recognise the significant progress we have made as a school. I also appreciate that the majority of parents/carers were already achieving this without the need of any support from the school.”
Mrs Tracy Thomas